Most commonly, consuming cannabis will provide a mix of medical and psychotropic effects. When used correctly, these psychotropic effects can enhance mood, relieve stress, and lower anxiety. However, over-consumption or using a particularly potent strain can result in psychotropic effects that create paranoia, agitate mental health, and simulate a panic attack.

Delta 8 THC carts

In order to avoid uncomfortable psychotropic effects caused by cannabis consumption for medical or recreational use, it’s essential to purchase strains that are low in psychotropic properties.

Consider the following guide on reducing the psychotropic effects of cannabis by purchasing the correct type of strain.


Among the main cannabinoids found within cannabis, cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the most abundant. While delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) creates psychotropic effects, CBD has medical benefits and lacks psychotropic properties.

CBD products can be purchased as cannabis flowers, edibles, tinctures, and lotions. They are used the same way that THC products are used and produce the same medicinal effects.

8 Strains

Another strain with low psychotropic effects is delta-8 THC. Like CBD, it does not produce as many psychotropic effects and can be purchased in the same way.

The most effective way to use this type of strain is with Delta 8 THC carts which can be purchased at any local cannabis dispensary.

+ Delta-8 Strains

Although not as effective, CBD and Delta-8 THC combined can reduce the psychotropic effects of cannabis. These strains are most often used in combination for this reason. This allows for the medicinal effects of both THC and CBD to work together to reduce anxiety and stimulate appetite or creativity while only experiencing minimal psychotropic effects.

Talk to a cannabis expert at your local dispensary to find out what type of low or non-psychoactive cannabis products they offer.